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Looking to build authentic relationships with your audience?

Specializing in communications, event planning, and community outreach, TST Productions is a creative and multifaceted consulting company that is on the leading cusp of implementing new community engagement strategies.  

Tara Sherry-Torres, MSW founded TST Productions in 2017 with a vision to creatively draw from a multidisciplinary skill set that includes grassroots organizing, event planning, group facilitation, experiential marketing in order to help you build authentic relationships with your clients, consumers, and customers.

The role of "community" to successful brick and mortar businesses, real estate developments, and local nonprofits cannot be underestimated. More and more, smart leaders understand that authentic and consistent engagement with the community they impact will lead to better outcomes for all. Since communities are multilayered, the best way to engage authentically with them is to use a multilayered approach.

TST Productions approach considers the individuals in the community holistically, offering information and services that reflect the interests, cultural traditions, and concerns of the community members. 




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Areas of Practice


Specializing in experiential and grassroots marketing, TST Productions will develop engaging ways for your target audience to authentically interact and learn about your brand. using digital media and guerrilla marketing techniques. Services include managing social media platforms, creating digital content, developing blogs and other marketing publications. 

Freelance Writer

Writing about food, travel, and inspirational people,Tara highlights the best parts of life through her articles. You can catch her writing on Hip Latina, La Jornada Latina Pittsburgh, and Visit Pittsburgh's blog.

Event Planning

Event logistics can be difficult to manage. With so many moving pieces important details can be forgotten. Whether you are looking to host a conference, a community event, or other public meeting, TST Productions will ensure that your event is one where your guests feel welcome, find it easily accessible, and offers them value.

Community OutrEach

Authenticity is the most important element to any type of community engagement.TST Productions believes that nothing can replace authentic, meaningful relationships in successfully organizing people to create change in their communities. Using a mix of digital media, event planning, group dialogue, and good old fashion door knocking, we can help you to develop an community outreach plan of action.


Good things come to those who believe. I believe.
— Mos Def


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