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5 Communication & Marketing Tips for Social Service Agencies


Recently TST Productions has been working with the (soon to be open!) Penn Hills Family Support Center. We are supporting the new center by conducting outreach to the Penn Hills community, letting them know what resources the family support center provides and how to access them. 

One of the most important parts of any successful social service program is making sure that people know about it. If your goal is to ensure that all your constituents and stakeholders connect with the services and resources you offer, then conducting a multi-prong outreach effort has a huge payoff. 

TST Productions sees relationships as the bread and butter of any social service organization.  It's the relationships between your staff and those whom you serve that bring people in and keep them coming back. Our engagement services focus on building authentic relationships. We do this by using a mix of traditional grassroots organizing and more contemporary marketing & communication techniques. Below are five simple tips you can use when marketing a social service agency. 

  1. Social Media - Parents and their kids are online. Especially for young parents and families with teenagers. At minimum, set up a Facebook page and Instagram account, you can post up to the minute information about anything that effects the communities you serve. 
  2. Outreach Events - Face to face contact is the best way to build relationships. Meet potential clients where they live, work, and play. Call the local community institutions to see if you can set up a table at one of their events to promote your services. This can be a great way to have the staff build relationships with new stakeholders, helping to spread the word of your services, get people excited about your brand, and learn more about the needs in the communities you serve.
  3. Door Knocking - Where appropriate, knocking on doors with flyers in hand, advertising your services can be an effective way in getting the information into the right hands (literally). 
  4. Community Institutions - Build relationships with the existing community institutions. These relationships will not only help to spread the word about your services, but will also provide additional support to the families and individuals you are serving.
  5. Day Care Centers - If you are looking to reach families with young children, day care centers can be the most direct line. Stop in to introduce yourself a local day cares, leave a flyer and contact information for them to share with the families they have contact with.

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