TST Productions helps you creatively build authentic relationships with your audience.


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Introducing TST Productions!

Tara Sherry-Torres speaking at Creative Mornings Pittsburgh, March 2017

Tara Sherry-Torres speaking at Creative Mornings Pittsburgh, March 2017

"Specializing in communications, event planning, and community outreach, TST Productions is a creative and multifaceted consulting company that is on the leading cusp of implementing new community engagement strategies."                                   

-Tara Sherry-Torres, Founder + Principal Consultant

Who We Work With:

Small to mid-size community development corporations, real estate developers, social service agencies, community groups, and government institutions.

What We Do For You:

Develop and execute a plan to help you authentically engage with residents, neighbors, clients, customers, and constituents around topics such as neighborhood planning, civic engagement, community advocacy and education.

How We Do It:

TST Productions uses a multi-pronged communication approach by relying on digital and traditional media in order to communicate with your audience. This includes: blogging, social media, public relations, community events, grassroots organizing, and experiential marketing.

Why TST Productions?

TST Productions style is creative, innovative, and welcoming. Rooted in trauma-informed care, we infuse the arts and humanity in every aspect of our work. Our approach is a strengths-based approach that is affirming of, and delivers value to, all participants.

Our Values:

  • TST Productions envisions effective community engagement that is based on authentic communications, quality events, and interactions that provide value. 
  • Relationships are the currency of life.
  • Centering culture and identity in all contexts.
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Strengths Based Approach
  • Informed Consent 
  • Anti-Racism

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