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Being an Advocate Entrepreneur

As entrepreneurs, we have a unique platform to bring attention to the issues that we care about. As an Advocate Entrepreneur, the best kinds of issues to advocate for publicly are the ones that you feel passionate about AND will also appeal to your core customer group.   Associating your brand with advocacy, social responsibility and charity can actually boost your consumer base. People love supporting business that support community. Plus, you can have a very real and positive impact on important issues. 

The first thing to do is assess Is what kind of support you are able to give. This totally depends on your own capacity. Your core role is entrepreneur and that is always the priority. Do not take on a new project unless you feel ready to. Below are three simple ways to incorporate advocacy into your business plan. 

  • Donate Money. Cash is king. You can give one lump sum a year or in little increments. A great way to gain community support for your cause is to advertise that a portion of your profits go to a certain cause. 
  • Volunteer. As an entrepreneur you may not have a whole lot of spare time to give. But you could be spokesperson or topic expert for the cause. 
  • Write Blogs. Use your blog to talk about topics  that are important to you. It's a great way to raise awareness and educate people on things they may not otherwise know. 

Being an advocate entrepreneur can be a great way to build a brand that is community minded, however, remember, your core role is entrepreneur. Focus on building your business, you can slowly incorporate advocacy as you grow. Read more about what it means to be a community minded business. 

Tara Sherry-Torres